Rules of conduct for visitors to the bus station and Passenger Rights

The terminal’s platforms are reserved for passengers and any accompanying persons, who must enter the area using the special pedestrian crossings and strictly respect the horizontal and vertical signs.

To assist visually impaired people with reduced mobility (PRM), the bus station is equipped with LOGES system pathways whose map is located on the lane A platform at the metro exit.

It is expressly provided that:

  • ADM shall not be liable for damage (even in the event of accidents with MLP (medium-long distance transport) or TPL (urban transport) service carriers) or theft by third parties of persons, property and/or vehicles that are parked or in transit inside the terminal;
  • Baggage must not be left unattended; therefore, under no circumstances will ADM be liable for any theft or damage;
  • It is forbidden to cross the bus transit lanes except through pedestrian crossings;
  • It is forbidden to hold meetings and assemblies, as well as to promote or carry out commercial, religious or recreational activities within the terminal, without prior written permission from ADM communicated to the police;
  • Any itinerant sales activity of any type or form is expressly forbidden, unless prior written authorization from ADM communicated to the Police and to the Municipality of Milan;
  • It is expressly forbidden to exhibit, install and distribute notices, signs, billboards, advertising, propaganda and the like, in any form or size, without prior written authorisation from ADM, which has the right to order the removal of abusive advertising at the expense of the offenders;
  • It is forbidden to disturb other terminal users;
  • It is forbidden to assume behaviors or attires that undermine the public decorum of the bus station;
  • On the pavement of each quay there is a yellow line that runs along the perimeter of the quay itself that should not be exceeded except to get on board half.

The Bus Station Information Plan (PIA) can be downloaded in its entirety at the following link.





From here you can download Regulation n. 181/2011 concerning the Rights of Passengers.


Dear Customers are informed that it is possible to submit reports to the Autorità di regolazione dei Trasporti, pursuant to Regulation (EU) n. 181/2011, relating to the rights of passengers in transport carried out by bus (N.B.only after having lodged a complaint with Autostazioni di Milano s.r.l. and after 90 days have passed from sending) by registered mail to the address in Via Nizza n. 230, 10126 - Turin, or an e-mail to one of the following e-mail addresses.

or by using the appropriate electronic access (Site), available on the Authority's website.

For more information visit the website