Lampugnano for bus companies
How to register and/or access to the reserved area

To access Lampugnano terminal, you must follow the instructions in the bus station’s information plan. As medium and long-distance, Local Public Transport and Occasional Services (rental) carriers, you need to start the terminal access procedure by entering the internet portal for bus companies (carriers).

IMPORTANT NOTE: Carriers will not be allowed access to the bus station if they do not register properly and communicate their data according to the bus station's information plan.

  • Lampugnano for bus companies

    Bus companies can use the seven 14-metre and thirteen 12-metre bays (for a total of 20 bays) spread over five platforms (four of which are covered) to park and load/unload their passengers. The platforms are marked A, B, C, D and E (from right to left as you drive in). A further six bays are available simply for parking.


Bus Station Information Plan

The Bus Station Information Plan (PIA) can be downloaded here