Register as an Operator

From this page, you can access the registration request procedure that, once all formalities have been completed, allows access to Lampugnano bus terminal.

Please download and view before making your registration request:

  • the Bus Station Information Plan (PIA) containing all the information about the documents to be produced for the request;
  • the ‘contract template’ which must be filled in and signed and sent to Autostazioni di Milano when making the registration request.

In particular, please note that, as provided for in Article 3 of the PIA, the documents to be produced and that we recommend you prepare before accessing the registration request are listed below:

Once the registration request procedure has been completed, the following documents must be attached to the request email:

  1. pdf copy of the valid identity card of the legal representative;
  2. pdf copy of the valid Certificate of Incorporation;
  3. pdf copy of the operating licences of the MLP routes (for MLP service carriers only);
  4. pdf copy of the operating authorisations for LPT services granted by the licensing authority (for LPT service providers only);
  5. pdf copy of the rental licenses (for charter operators only).
  6. pdf copy of the registration papers of the buses that will have access (also potentially) to the bus station (for all types of carriers)
  7. copy of this PIA in pdf format signed on each page by the legal representative;
  8. pdf copy of the "draft contract" duly completed and signed by the legal representative;
  9. company logo in Jpeg format

Please note that in case of incomplete or incorrect compilation, the registration request will be automatically rejected due to non-compliant documents.

Registration with related self-declarations formally fulfils the requirements to start the bus station access procedure, i.e. to be MLP line operators and/or LPT service operators or rental service carriers.

Any abuse of the registration procedure will result in in denial of access to the terminal with no possibility of regaining access, as well as a claim for compensation for any damage resulting from such behaviour